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"This year's biggest animated treat!" ***** - The Heat
"An absolute stunner to look at, briskly paced, cute and hilariously funny throughout" - Time Out


From the makers of Ice Age comes Robots, another spectacular fun-filled and hilarious adventure that will delight you with its lovable characters, groundbreaking computer animation and featuring an all-star cast of voices including Halle Berry, Ewan McGregor, Robin Williams, Jim Broadbent, Mel Brooks, Jennifer Coolidge and more!

Robots tells the story of Rodney Copperbottom, an aspiring inventor, who travels to Robot City to meet his idol, Bigweld. Along the way he quickly makes a whole gang of new friends, and together they encounter the evil Ratchet. Under the guidance of his mother, Ratchet has taken over Bigweld's company and is denying the other 'bots the spare parts they need. Is Rodney built from the kind of stuff it takes to save the day?

Featuring the voice talent of:
- Halle Berry
- Ewan McGregor
- Robin Williams
- Jim Broadbent
- Mel Brooks
- Jennifer Coolidge
- Amanda Bynes
- Drew Carey
- Paul Giamatti
- James Earl Jones
...and more!