15 | 124 minutes


What is it about John McClane and the holidays?! Here it is, Christmas Eve, and McClane (Bruce Willis, returning to his iconic film role) is off-duty in the nation’s capital. But a team of terrorists, in town to rescue a drug lord from justice, have taken over a major international airport, holding thousands of travelers hostage. Amidst a blinding blizzard, McClane must race against time to defeat the terrorists and their murderous leader (William Sadler). And if that’s not a big enough lump of coal in his stocking, he’s also contending with an inept airport police chief (Dennis Franz), the stubborn head of the army’s anti-terrorist squad, and the knowledge that his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) is trapped in a plane desperately low on fuel, circling overhead!


Action/Adventure | Crime & Gangster | Drama | Thriller/Suspense


  • Bruce Willis
  • Bonnie Bedelia
  • William Atherton
  • Reginald Veljohnson
  • Franco Nero
  • William Sadler
  • John Amos
  • Renny Harlin
  • Steven E. De Souza



Die Hard 2 (DVD)

Special Features:

Commentary by Director Renny Harlin, Die Hard Trailer, Die Hard 4.0 International Trailer, Alien Vs Predator Unrate Trailer, Four Deleted Scenes, The Bad Guys Featurette, Breaking The Ice Featurette, Chaos on the Conveyer Belt, Interview with Renny Harlin, Visual Effects Breakdown, Side by Side Comparisons, Trailers, TV Spots

Join the stars and filmmakers of the first four films for an unprecedented behind-the-scenes journey. Seven all-new featurettes take you so deep inside the world of Die Hard, you may have to shoot your way out.

Origins - Reinventing the Action Genre, John McClane - Modern Day Hero, Villains - Bad to the Bone, Sidekicks - Along for the Ride, Fight Sequences - Punishing Blows, Action - Explosive Effects, The Legacy - The Right Hero for the Right Time, Die Hard Trailers - Die Hard - Die Hard 2 - Die Hard With a Vengeance - Die Hard 4.0 - A Good Day to Die Hard

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Die Hard 2 - Special Edition (DVD)

Disc One: Audio commentary by Renny Harlin.
Disc Two:

  • Making of Featurette.
  • Deleted scenes.
  • Renny Harlin interview.
  • Villain's Profile featurette.

  • Behind the scenes storyboards featurette.
  • Side by side comparisons.
  • Visual effects seque